Deep partnerships resulting in cross platform BI expertise.

As a firm that is exclusively focused on BI, we hold active partnerships with key ETL, data warehouse, and BI technology vendors. Claraview adopts a vendor-neutral approach when designing and delivering enterprise business intelligence solutions. Each vendor’s product development strategy has implications for hardware, software and personnel investments over a multi-year deployment roadmap so our deep knowledge of the current capabilities and future plans for these vendors, helps select the best solution for our clients.

Deep Partnerships



Data Integration and Business intelligence projects are uniquely complex and call for a consulting partner with specific and deep expertise.  Claraview’s intimate knowledge of IBM’s Information Management and Business Analytics technologies helps ensure success in complicated endeavors such as large-scale implementations, major upgrades, platform integrations, and advanced customization. Claraview provides best-in-class services around IBM’s large and diverse mix of market-leading solutions that includes:

IBM Business Analytics:  A portfolio of business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance management and analytics applications including Cognos, SPSS and Business Analytics industry solutions.

IBM Information Management:  A portfolio of data management, enterprise content management, information integration, master data management and data governance solutions that include the InfoSphere family, comprised among of Information Server, DataStage, and Change Data Capture (DataMirror).

We are a strategic IBM partner and have a proven track record of implementing the best set of IBM platforms, integration tools, or business intelligence suites that meet our customer’s needs. When you need business intelligence consulting and data warehousing services that will elevate your business, Claraview is the clear choice.



Claraview’s Informatica data integration services takes data acquisition to the next level of detail, using Metadata and Master Data management techniques to create a meaningful and trusted information environment within an integrated subject area data model.  Our Informatica consulting services help organizations identify, load, and combine the master and transactional data required to meet their business requirements into their data warehouse.

We deliver a data integration processing environment (Trusted Data) and surrounding processes that include the fundamentals provided with data acquisition (data cleansing, data transformation, error handling, scheduling, process restart-ability, environment administration and auditable/traceable data movement), and also combines master and transactional data into an integrated data model. 

We have delivered Informatica based solutions for a variety of industries including

Telecom - Billing Consolidation, Creation of a Single View of Customer

Financial Institutions - Compliance and Risk, Securities and Payments

Transportation - Real-time, Traffic Analysis, Operational Certification

Manufacturing - Supply Chain Management, Sales Force Automation

HealthCare - Consolidated View of Patient, Claim Management

Government - Defense Intelligence - Civilian Services

With this expertise and experience, Claraview is the clear choice for designing and implementing Informatica as part of any data integration solution.



Organizations face the constant pressure to improve performance management throughout the enterprise to reduce risks, improve operational efficiencies, grow sales, and build competitive differentiation. Leading companies understand the need to arm their employees at every level with more accurate, reliable and timely information. By implementing robust Microsoft® Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that take into account business and IT stakeholders’ objectives, organizations are able to make faster, more informed decisions that impact the bottom line.

Claraview delivers extensive Microsoft BI Consulting experience, and a proven client track record of delivering successful implementations of Microsoft BI solutions to a variety of industries and the public sector. Claraview is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive experience implementing Business Intelligence Solutions using the Microsoft tools and products including: SSAS, SSRS, SSISS, SharePoint, Visio, Office, Bing Maps, and Dynamics.

Claraview has a strong Microsoft BI Consulting team and a history of deploying large-scale Microsoft BI solutions to Fortune 500 and leading companies. We combine best in class Microsoft technology expertise along with industry-specific knowledge as a foundation for solving the most complex business challenges faced by our clients.



Claraview has a long standing and strategic partnership with MicroStrategy and has completed hundreds of MicroStrategy implementations on-time and on-budget. Lowe’s Companies, Catalina Marketing, First American Corporation, and KeySpan Energy, all long-standing Claraview clients, have won the Best Practices in Business Intelligence Award from MicroStrategy.

Claraview’s employee base also includes dozens of former MicroStrategy employees, with backgrounds ranging from consulting services to education and training. As a result, while Claraview has been in the business of providing MicroStrategy-based solutions since 2001, many of our employees and leadership have been doing so for much longer, some for as long as MicroStrategy has had a product.

The services we provide around MicroStrategy include:

End user requirement gathering

Dimensional and reporting data model design

Installation, customization and tuning of MicroStrategy

Creation of reporting applications using products like Desktop, Web, Distribution Services (formerly Narrowcast Server), Report Services, OLAP Services, Transaction Services and Office

Interactive Dashboards

MicroStrategy Platform Administration

Creation of MicroStrategy Mobile solutions

Complete project management

Architecture and performance tuning

Custom MicroStrategy end user training development and delivery

Mobile Business Intelligence



With Claraview, our clients gain a single view of their business that aligns front-line decisions with strategic imperatives. From major financial services to transportation, consumer goods, and manufacturing companies, Claraview’s Oracle BI Consulting team has delivered bottom-line results and significant competitive advantages utilizing the following Oracle products:

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE): A comprehensive BI platform that provides the best foundation for building enterprise BI solutions. Featuring a unified, highly scalable, modern architecture, this BI platform provides intelligence and analytics from data spanning enterprise sources and applications, empowering the largest communities with complete and relevant insight. 

Oracle BI Applications: Optimized for our clients, Oracle Business Intelligence applications are quickly deployed, comprehensive, pre-built solutions that deliver pervasive intelligence across an organization, empowering users at all levels — from frontline operational users to senior management — with the key information they need to maximize effectiveness. Oracle BI Applications include the full BI stack (ETL to Dashboards).

Oracle Essbase: Provides an OLAP environment for rapidly developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management: Oracle’s performance management applications are a modular suite of integrated applications that support a broad range of strategic and financial performance management processes and enable management excellence. This comprehensive, market-leading suite drives profitable growth by delivering predictable results, improving transparency and compliance, and increasing business alignment.

We have designed and delivered solutions surrounding the above products to assist clients with:

Business Intelligence

BI Optimization – Speed query and other key aspects of performance for leading technologies including OBIEE, OBI Applications and Oracle Essbase

BI Consolidation – Reduce the number of instances and administrative costs associated with multiple instances of OBIEE, OBI Apps and Essbase

BI Migration – Achieve cost savings and new business insight by migrating existing OBI Apps or moving Hyperion Interactive Reporting tools over to OBIEE

Enterprise Performance Management - Improved analytics with Oracle Essbase, Oracle Profitability & Cost Management, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Hyperion Planning.

Claraview’s Oracle BI Consultants have a proven track record of integrating enterprise data warehouse(s) with the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System technologies from Oracle. We are an Oracle Gold Partner and offer our clients the best-of-breed, enterprise performance management capabilities that deliver:

Powerful decision support at all levels of the organization

A consistent vision of dependencies among functional areas

The ability to evaluate performance across the business, and

Insights that enable proactive solutions to critical challenges and opportunities.


Self-service data preparation.

Claraview brings a wealth of experience in creating analytics experiences and Tableau dashboards that connect data that engages users and enables smart decisions through visual storytelling. Getting the right data in the right form to Tableau is a critical component for success and Claraview is well-versed in the integration and manipulation of data, have the know-how to quickly transform requirements into insightful analysis and have the creative eye to make it all come together aesthetically.

Paxata’s Adaptive Data Preparation for the Enterprise provides a self-service data preparation experience that enables rapid integration, cleansing and shaping of data providing a rich backbone of trusted, contextually relevant data for Lancet’s best-in-class analytic experiences – delivering game-changing results for clients faster than ever before.

About Paxata

Paxata is the only Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform for enterprise-grade self-service data prep for IT. Built on Hadoop and powered by Apache Spark, Paxata was built from the ground up to handle mission-critical, data preparation at scale and balance flexibility of information access with governance and control.

Traditional approaches to data preparation simply can’t scale to address the velocity, volume and variety of data we work with today. Whether manually preparing data in Excel or SQL, or relying on rigid and lengthy ETL processes, most IT organizations admit they spend 80% of their time and effort simply trying to get data ready, leaving only 20% of their time for actual analytics work. Then there are issues around data quality, governance, scale and re-use.

Paxata was designed from the ground up to flip that ratio. Today, business analysts, data architects, data scientists, data developers and IT teams use Paxata to simplify, accelerate and automate the end-to-end data preparation workflow with enterprise-class scale, governance and control. Paxata provides an enterprise-class, comprehensive data preparation platform that empowers information-driven organizations to turn raw data into AnswerSets™ ready for every analytic use minutes and hours...not days, weeks or months.



As the demand for data insight increases to drive business decisions, so does integrating and optimizing that data to provide discovery opportunities that are more interactive and intuitive. Decision makers are thirsty for information, and much more savvy about how they use data for decision making. They don’t want to be restricted to predefined reports and dashboards to tell them what has already been discovered in their internal information systems. They want to mix information from various sources to creatively analyze trends in the combined data to understand both the obvious and not so obvious indicators hidden in their information sources to make insightful decisions. This data discovery behavior needs to be fast and intuitive, visually appealing, easy to navigate, and above all flexible and extensible. 

The partnership between Claraview and QlikView provides precisely this type of Business Intelligence opportunity. Coupling our extensive BI expertise, experience, and enterprise level data integration capabilities, with a fast, intuitive, easy to use, in-memory visualization tool like QlikView creates a very powerful user experience. QlikView easily scales over your enterprise by providing a common data platform to manage definitions and expand data usage across the business landscape by mixing and mingling data, managing data associations and aggregations on the fly. Our customers benefit from a quick to implement, easy to use, completely associative data experience that enables data insight and decision making like never before.

Gone are the days of waiting for various database queries to finish, reports to be refreshed, then business users exporting those results to a spreadsheet to manually combine with other data and aggregate, just to get to a place where they can make an informed decision. Let alone rinse and repeat for a different department.

SAP Business Objects


Claraview consultants understand the complex underpinnings of the SAP BusinessObjects environment and the proper methodologies to ensure delivery of an optimized, performance-based business intelligence solution.

As a trusted SAP BusinessObjects partner, Claraview has certified consultants who not only understand the SAP BusinessObjects environment and key success factors, but can help clients align individual business reporting needs with the appropriate SAP BusinessObjects tool. Our intimate knowledge of the BusinessObjects technology base helps ensure success in complicated endeavors such as major upgrades, platform consolidation, advanced customization, and portal integration. Claraview’s component expertise includes older versions of the BusinessObjects suite as well as those associated with SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 (BI4). 

Existing SAP BusinessObjects clients who want to migrate to BI4 should consider several things in order to ensure that they not only select the right upgrade/migration approach, but that the business users are properly trained and educated for lasting success. Other challenges may involve learning the new naming conventions and understanding several new features and functionality added.

Claraview can help clients through an array of services including:

Assessment and Strategy: Assess the client’s current business and technical environment, educate them on the changes in BI4 and determine the best migration approach based on their unique needs (migration, re-design or evolution)

Upgrades: Perform upgrades through our proven application development lifecycle (the Claraview Way), from requirements analysis to deploying the release to business users

Education and Training: Deliver custom training through a mixture of lecture, lab-based and online training covering best practices, techniques and usage that is more than just simple “tool training” or “how to use the system” training

Furthermore, our experienced SAP team has deep experience in all areas of enterprise data warehouse development and deployment that require integration with SAP.  Our SAP BI consultants specialize in the following areas:

Business Intelligence solutions utilizing BusinessObjects XI R2 and BusinessObjects XI R3

Data Extraction solutions from ECC and BW sources, leveraging standard and custom-built extractors, including integration with commonly-used ETL tools

Optimization of SAP NetWeaver BW environments through analysis of current DSO and InfoCube structures to identify areas for reporting and performance improvement

Utilization of SAP-certified tool for integrating with BW InfoCubes

Leveraging design patterns and templates to more easily integrate master and transactional data from the key SAP modules including FI, CO/PA, MM, SD, POS/DM and CRM

Integration of non-SAP data along with operational and strategic SAP data for enhanced business reporting and analytics

Supply Chain integration solutions for improved demand planning and forecasting

Application-to-Application integration for use with SAP Master Data Management

Full lifecycle implementation across all project phases including Planning and Strategy, Blueprinting, Realization, Final Prep, Production, and Ongoing Support



As organizations capture more data than ever before, it becomes increasingly important to derive value from it to provide a competitive edge. Growing companies are faced with the challenge of not only gathering and organizing data, but also creating new analysis and finding the proverbial golden nugget of insight quickly and intuitively in a visually appealing manner.

Now more than ever, BI solutions need to perform at optimum speed.  And, just as important, they must provide the means to move critical information and insight to business users anywhere in the enterprise. Those users want – even demand – access to data so they can explore and understand key trends and issues. And they want analytic applications to help them better perform analysis and gain even greater understanding.

Claraview Tableau consultants have deep knowledge in delivering Tableau Software solutions that allow you to visualize data like never before. Tableau is an interactive analytic application that has a rich conversation with your database. Tableau flourishes when this database is fast, large, and stores a variety of data subjects, and with our services we can help enrich the results of your Tableau deployment from self-service enablement/data analysis, semantic layer design to Tableau server/environment sizing.

Claraview Tableau consultants bring best practice for data visualization and visual analysis so that users have a flexible, easy ways to display data in whatever format makes the patterns most visible.



With the myriad of data integration, BI, and DW vendors in the marketplace – it is difficult to decipher fact from fiction. Complicating matters further for companies, too many BI services firms focus on specific tools and platforms and lack the ability to provide the best solution for their clients.

As a firm that is exclusively focused on BI, we hold active partnerships with key ETL, data warehouse, and BI technology vendors. Claraview adopts a vendor-neutral approach when designing and delivering enterprise business intelligence solutions. Each vendor’s product development strategy has implications for hardware, software and personnel investments over a multi-year deployment roadmap so our deep knowledge of the current capabilities and future plans for these vendors, helps select the best solution for our clients.

Our emphasis is on constructing the right solution for each client situation. This means we implement the best set of platforms, integration tools, or business intelligence suites that meet our customer’s business, technology, and budgetary needs.   When you need business intelligence consulting and data warehousing services that will elevate your business, Claraview is the clear choice.

TIBCO Spotfire


In today’s changing business environment, the ability to make fast decisions is critical. Too often, those on the front lines aren’t equipped with access to data, or a consolidated view of that data, to make decisions that are driven by insight and a holistic view of the business.

In addition, organizations also are faced with a backlog of new reports, out-of-control “spreadsheet marts,” big data resources, massive amounts of click-stream and sensor data with a confused mix of custom applications all trying to accomplish similar goals. The result? Decisions are made in isolation—at slower speeds than necessary—while important customer opportunities slip away.  Businesses that will succeed today know that they need more than siloed data that can be accessed only by a select few within the organization. They need to view composite customer data from multiple sources as an on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments.   

To assist our clients with this need, Claraview has partnered with TIBCO Spotfire for next-generation business intelligence. By offering a visual, interactive experience, TIBCO Spotfire helps business users quickly discover new and actionable insights in information.   

Claraview consultants can assist with the design of interactive dashboards, as well as allow business users to filter reports to answer specific business questions and see them in the context of the entire organization. Claraview consultants use TIBCO Spotfire as a tool to enable users to rapidly discover trends and outliers in their data and to immediately investigate their causes for better business insight. The Claraview combination of a high-level view of data with drill-down tools for focused business questions means that decision makers are enabled to make timely decisions based on comprehensive data—discovering actionable insights to capture new customer opportunities.