Get the most from your big data analytics initiative.

Since our very beginning, Claraview has built our reputation in the arena of big data analytics, specializing in working with some of the largest data warehouses in the world.  In addition, you can say we were doing big data analytics before it became popular as we launched Clarabridge in 2005 to focus solely on incorporating non-structured data and who now is a leader in the customer sentiment marketplace.

  • Integrate and Analyze

    Integrate and analyze vital structured and non-structured online, social network and media data

  • A Complete Customer Profile

    Consolidate a customer’s view into a single, reliable and complete customer profile helping them to increase customer profitability and loyalty


"Claraview has the BI expertise we needed to lead the development of a strategy to deliver our corporate vision for a national scorecard application that produces over 1 million reports per week - driving our business."

- Best Buy

The Claraview Solution:

To assist clients with their big data initiatives, we offer a range of services that support you in any aspect of your big data initiative. From creating a strategic roadmap, consulting on a big data analytical architecture, to developing advanced solutions so that you can gain insight from data that you only wished you could analyze we help our clients in a variety of ways. To assist in these endeavors, we have built strong partnerships and have engaged in solution development activities and client implementations with leading Big Data technologies that include Cloudera, Hadoop, Teradata Aster nCluster and SQL-MapReduce®.