Randy Mattran

Chief Operations Officer

Randy Mattran joined Lancet's four original founding partners in 2004 and helped them grow the firm by ten-fold in his first nine years. Named COO in 2011, Mattran has responsibility for day-to-day operations which include sales and service delivery. Randy is a long-term veteran of the IT industry with a technical focus on very-large databases, massively parallel systems and data warehousing and his managerial focus is on the professional services business and business intelligence programs.

Randy started his career in consulting with a firm similar to Lancet. After five years, he moved to Tandem Computers where he progressed through several technical and sales support positions. He was instrumental in the field deployment of NonStop SQL, and the company's transition to a formal professional services organization. In 1994, Mattran was appointed Director of Decision Support Solutions. He helped Tandem move into data warehousing and his team led the implementation of several innovative BI systems in the retail, insurance and telco industries.

Randy joined MicroStrategy in 1996 as a Regional Consulting Manager and later became the Director of Production Engineering. In this role, Randy was responsible for the growth and development of the consulting organization which peaked at over 600 employees and was responsible for service offerings, services marketing, consultant training and the project management office.

His most recent role prior to Lancet was at Best Buy where he managed Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for four years. Mattran led the teams who built the Customer Centric Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), migrated to the Teradata platform, deployed a 13,000 user system measuring sales proficiency and margin contribution in the stores and made numerous enhancements to Best Buy's existing supply chain analysis capabilities. While proud of the tangible accomplishments, his most significant take-away is a renewed empathy for the Lancet client community and the challenges they face daily.

Mattran's goal for Lancet is to continue to progress as one of the nation's leading services firms specializing in Business Intelligence and Data Science. His passion is to promote a culture of craftsmen and women who do outstanding quality work for their clients and to help Lancet clients seek competitive advantage from their investment in data.


Randy Mattran