Providing a single, integrated reporting platform with Claraview Web Analytics.

Claraview’s Web Analytics solution is pre-configured and easily customized with a set of production-ready ETL routines, a pre-developed web analytic data model and related reporting suite, containing more than 70 out-of-the box reports and dashboards that can be rapidly deployed using industry-standard methodologies.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    More relevant and timely messages enabled by extended customer contacts history and product preferences
  • Omni-channel Behavioral Insights

    Integrated channel analytics that can be easily leveraged across multiple sales and marketing platforms.


  • Improved Accuracy

    A 'closed-loop' measurement process to understand the total impact of site enhancements and marketing campaigns.
  • Reduced Costs and Risk

    Self-service reporting environment along with lowered expenses associated with maintaining multiple versions of data and reporting platforms.


The Claraview Solution

Our solution provides a single measurement and reporting platform to minimize time investment and confusion created by using multiple sources of measurement and reporting from tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst. Claraview’s Web Analytics solution can be implemented quickly and affordably by leveraging your existing technology investments and in-house expertise, allowing your team to focus development efforts on creating reports and dashboards unique to your business and needs.