Providing healthcare data solutions to organizations, professionals and agencies.

  • Enable Hospital Decision-Makers with Better Insight

    Maximize efficiencies throughout the organization by integrating large volumes of existing data that reside within many separate systems (involving claims, care, patients, providers, etc.) into a data warehouse to empower management with greater insight and decision-making capabilities.

  • Ensure Compliance with Health Care Reform Laws

    Healthcare business intelligence solutions that help hospital executives easily monitor progress in compliance areas, make adjustments when progress is lacking and expedite the process of reporting to regulators.

  • Improve Hospital Operations

    Make more informed strategic, tactical, clinical and operational decisions by integrating disparate financial, clinical and administrative data and enabling analytical reporting.

  • Fulfill Government Healthcare Agency Missions

    A Government & Healthcare practice that focuses on government agencies, payers and providers, utilizing data as well as data warehousing and decision support tools to achieve new levels of operational effectiveness and constituent service.


"We rely on the depth of Claraview's team to complement our team. Using Claraview provides me the reassurance I need to provide continuous improvements to all of our business users."

- Cobalt Talon