Gain insight into your media and entertainment audience.

Our highly experienced team can help you make sense of the proliferation of digital media and content distribution opportunities, innovations in consumer and digital technologies, and your customers’ demands for entertainment tailored to their personal needs.

  • Path to Purchase

    Understand how your consumers make decisions and their path to purchase

  • Pricing Analytics

    Analyze website traffic, pricing, royalties and fraud/piracy reports

  • Improve Advertising

    Power advanced advertising analytics that create premium ad space, and drive higher ad revenue.

  • Omni-channel Data

    Consolidate your information infrastructure across operations, channels, brands and media

  • Maximize Revenue

    Streamline your digital supply chain and identify and maximize content licensing revenues

  • Optimize Supply Chain

    Optimize your physical supply chain, preventing costly out-of-stocks


The Claraview Solution

Our Claraview digital marketing attribution and analytics solutions can help you to optimize your distribution models, effectively manage product inventory, marketing and sales, regardless of where the sales actually occur — in stores or online to support either mail and streaming delivery. Our solutions offer deep insights into performance in all three sales environments.