Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with Claraview Omni-Channel Analytics.

Claraview has developed path-to-purchase analytics for the entire customer experience lifecycle, including pre-purchase web metrics and point of sale data. Complete with interactive dashboards and reporting, Claraview's analytics let you monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and assign marketing attribution across a mix of channels.

  • Claraview Omni-channel Analytics

    Visibility to every customer touchpoint.

  • Supercharged Deployment

    Pre-developed data model, reports and more that are ready to go, and are already helping leading businesses in your industry.

  • Secure, Onsite Architecture

    Store data within your environment and integrate all your data on premises within your organization.


Customers today interact with businesses through a combination of walk-ins, mobile and web. Customer activity on the web can be difficult to tie to actual customer identities. Marketers rely on mismatched datasets again and again, only seeing part of the story. Claraview accelerates analytics by creating marketing solutions, tailored to your industry, that give you a complete and accurate view of your website activity and the success of your digital marketing efforts.